About Us

HungerPacks is here to change the way the world consumes packaged food.

HungerPacks helps you know your packaged food better.

Every individual and every review makes the HungerPacks community a place for food lovers to know and choose their packaged food better.

All the information you need is just a Click or Scan away!

From taste and nutrition quotient to value for money and packaging – HungerPacks gives you all the information in just a click or a quick scan of the product.

Experts simplify the science of packaged food.

HungerPacks has an army of experts including dieticians, nutritionists and chefs that will help the HungerPacks community get the information they need to choose the right food products.

The HungerPacks community helps brands create better products.

HungerPacks helps brands know exactly what their customers want. With smart and dedicated analytical tools and community feedback mechanisms, we help brands make better products which leads to happier consumers.

Why Do We Do This?

HungerPacks against Food Wastage.

When we buy only what we need, we fight the battle against food wastage – one of the biggest social issues around today.

We all deserve good food, always!

Good food isn’t guesswork. That is why HungerPacks is helping people know better and choose better when it comes to packaged foods.

Are you the missing ingredient in the HungerPacks story?
If you love food as much as we do, we need you.